11th of April 2021: Hi my lovely fans and freaks!

Time for some new pictures!
I made a foto session lately and I am becoming more and more the artist I like to be. And the alter-ego Edward Plague and the image starting to form.

Here are the results. I hope you like them. Feel free to mail and tell me which shot(s) you like best.

Lucid, Violent Dreams!

30th of July 2020: Hi my lovely fans and freaks!

Stream for yourself!
We decided to fill up these progress-section with content and link these two new and awesome songs, which were up at their soundcloud site.

When "Decay" is released then it will be up at all major streaming sites (Spotify, Apple Music etc.) as well as on Bandcamp. We also prepare a physical release in the months to come.

Subform "Instinct"

Subform "What Do You Believe?""

Lucid, Violent Dreams!