11th of April 2021: Picture time!!!

I'm sorry for the long pause. But I had health issues. I got my gall removed. And I was totally into my new job, which dont let much time for everything else. I made a foto session to have some new pictures to setup my web presence. Sounds boring? NOOOO! They're totally awesome. Check it out in the progress section.

Lucid, Violent Dreams!

16nd of November 2020: New song "Protektorat" lyrics for you!

This time in german:

Wie weit willst Du gehn
Was hat Dich hergebracht
Du kannst es noch nicht sehn
Du hast es fast geschafft

Das Feuer ist nun entfacht
Die Welt brennt so grell und heiss
Es scheint es ist vollbracht
Nun zahlst du deinen Preis

Der Tod hat Dich erreicht
Man hat Dich nicht erweckt
Du hängst an Deinem Reich
Es ist ein Mensch Defekt

Was schützt Dein Leben, wenn es Dich unterdrückt?
Wie willst Du Leben, wenn Du fühlst Dich erdrückt?
kein neuer Staat wird bestimmen Dein sein
Die Exekutive schlägt uns kurz und klein

Man wird am Tag entführt
Man wird nun eingesperrt
Wer hat von dir gehört
Wer hat Dich hergezerrt

Wie willst Du sterben, denn Du wirst kontrolliert
Wer willst Du bleiben ohne Identität
Dein schönes Leben wird Dir einsuggeriert
Die Exekuive gewinnt - Du verlierst

Lucid, Violent Dreams!

22nd of August 2020: Is dream a reality?

Lucid Dreams
As I grew up I had very lucid dreams. I dreamed of falling from the sky down to the bottom. When I hit the ground I awake and was slightly in shock. But somehow I learned to stop before I hit the bottom. Then I hovered above the ground and was in control of my dream. I could go to any places I want and visit people I like see. When I was around 16 years old, I read for the first time the books of Carlos Castaneda. There was a whole book about lucid dreaming "The Art of Dreaming". If you're interested in lucid dreaming and maybe into Magick then I strongly recommend the works of Carlos Castaneda. There is also a lot of critics of Castaneda that he is fake, doesn't really matter, because he included the knowledge of various religions an cults. So it is anyway a interesting read.

His advice was, when you want to control your dream, then you should be aware of yourself. You could accomplish that by dreaming and trying to look at your hands. If you can look to your hands, then you are aware that you're dreaming. If you go to bed then try to visualise your hands. After some nights when you're dreaming you should be capable to control your dreams. Is it a reality? I don't know, but it feels damn real. And what you experience is like a second reality. All the interaction with your dreaming environment and the dream of the people is like reality. You have memories like real memories. You can even have sex in your dreams. So why not use this. Why do I have to experience only the half time of my life and give away the time in that you are sleep?

Lucid, Violent Dreams!

22nd of August 2020: What inspired you?

The Thing
One of my favourite horror/scifi movies of the 80ies. John Carpenters "The Thing". I watched the remake recently and its CGI still can't beat the original creature art. I was already a fan of Kurt Russell in "Escape from New York" from 1981. It's intense atmosphere, its shock moments and creature design is overwhelming. I can't imagine no other actor than Kurt Russell. I have fear of the dark, and it was caused by this movie.

Lucid, Violent Dreams!

15th of August 2020: How is "Protektorat" developed?

Subform - Protektorat - DAW is Ableton Live

If you are interested in how I'm writing songs. I will post several stages of the song I make. The application is "Ableton Live" and "Native Instruments Maschine". No I do not get payed mentioning them. ;-) Usually I start out making drum samples. I stack them with programmed sounds, usually Nord Drum 3 or my modular synth, but for Subform I often just stack samples of various sources. Then I program interesting patterns in NI Maschine. When I'm done to certain degree, I open my DAW, add the Maschine VST and import it into Live. From there I do intros and outros. After that I add guitars and bass - in that order. Many think its better the other way around. But guitar is the instrument which provides all the parts that make up a song, so I want it there first. But: I usually break my rules more or often....

Lucid, Violent Dreams!

11th of August 2020: Dangerous heat!

Today I wanted to lay down guitar tracks to the third Decay song "Protektorat" (working title), but my guitar amp not so much. I hope its one of the valves, so the replacement is pretty straightforward. If the amp is the problem, then I have a problem.

Well, shit happens and it will delay the progress of the song. But there are many more worse things happening in the world right now.

Amp and glowing valves

Lucid, Violent Dreams!

9th of August 2020: Grinding walls!

The cover of the upcoming release "Decay" is colorful and dirty. Can you guess what the source is? Well two/three years from now the Munich MVV (subway transportation) decided to refurbish some of the subway stations. They took all enclosures off. So what you see is actually the rotten wall, which was hidden beneath the enclosures at "Sendlinger Tor" station. Immediatly when I saw it I took a bunch of pictures, because of the wonderful texture. So its no surprise that it ended up as the first "Subform" cover. How do you like it?

Sendlinger Tor station

Lucid, Violent Dreams!

7th of August 2020: Instinct lyrics for you!

We try to fullfill our polite requests for more media. So here these are the lyrics to "Insinct":

Nowhere to look and where I can find
I smell the traces you left behind
And your blood sprayed to the ground
Licking the last drops to hear the sound

So Intense, when vultures circle
I see the structures I am watching mirrors
My Senses seem to resurrect
The pounding beatings in my chest take effect

My instinct is hidden The hunter is growing
My mind is calm as the victims Death
My future was written A darkened poem
A shadow is cast The pain which will last

Im hunting the sun To see in the night
I watch you to run And force you to fight
Im feeling the flesh in my bare hands
I don’t fear a god and don’t have a sense

I follow my instinct, to catch up my anger
Im fighting for pleasure or Am I myself?
I stagger and vomit, I put me in danger. I am
The one who is stabbing, I stab me to death

Lucid, Violent Dreams!

5th of August 2020: Hi my lovely fans and freaks!

Some of our lovely fans and freaks want to see how I work and live. Well I live in a f*cking 1 room appartment, which is more studio than living space. But that's a conscious decision. Whats more appealing to a musician than to live in his own studio?

F*ck Apple...do you know what this is?

My magic place.

DAW (anyone which does the job), some nice middle-class preamps a nice large condenser mic and a modular synth and sampler. I don't need expensive updates, I don't need every newest thing thats advertised. I will keep this system like it is for the years to come - maybe until I get sick of it - in the end its just a tool. I can do the f*ck I want.

Modular synth magic. It needed some years to collect these modules...

...I love to touch real instruments. I use software plugins...of couse.
But hardware has its magic, software not so.

Lucid, Violent Dreams!

30th of July 2020: Headshot Argument

YOU MAY DIG Subform.

Subform is for people with a fine taste in Metal, Industrial, Experiemental, Noise, f*ck, Punk and Freak.

24th of July 2020: Release working title "Decay"

It will be out in the next months to come (today is 18.07.2020). Please feel free to email. We will fill this page with content soon. We will setup a store in the months to come.

Lucid, Violent Dreams!

Thank you to Karl Sanders of Nile for his advices, inspiration and wisdom! You are such a great and down-to-earth guy. And my thanks go out to Marc Heal of Cubanate.

And thank you to all this bands and composers which music helped me through tough times. I can only mention some: Cubanate, Ministry/Revolting Cocks and Al Jourgensen, don't forget Bill Rieflin (R.I.P), Cocksure with Jason Novak and Chris Connelly, Coil (R.I.P), Frontline Assembly, Skinny Puppy, Front 242, Clock DVA and the whole bunch of bands on the former Wax Trax label. Morbid Angel, Nile, Hate Eternal, Behemoth, Virtiol...etc...etc...there are so many of them, and I'm so thankful for their art and influence.